Article: Covid´s effect on climate changes

The dolphins are back, the monkeys have come out of hiding and pollutants in the air have decreased. Can Coronavirus actually be what the planet needs?

Coronavirus was the last thing that anyone expected to happen. It has completely changed how the world today operates. However, with all the bad it has led to some seemingly positive results such as the decrease in carbon emissions and the overall decrease in the demand on resources.
But are these changes really beneficial in the long run? 

According to Global Footprint Network, the reduction of the global footprint induced by Coronavirus should not be a cause for celebration. Covid-19 has led to suffering and destruction, as a result it cannot be misconstrued as a positive occurrence.
Institutions and governments need to be taking more deliberate action towards the ecological imbalance. Even though we all have a part to play towards helping the planet, it seems that corporate social responsibility working towards the SDG’s is only perpetuating the existing idea that climate action is voluntary and noble.
This has led to the belief that only international level action will lead to constructive solutions. However, the likelihood of a global scale event for climate action is unlikely. 
While big projects like carbon capture technology initiatives are being funded by large companies so that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is reduced by accumulating the carbon in the air and trapping the gas underground, we can also do our part by conserving energy at home.
So what can we do? 

* Turning off the lights rooms that aren’t being  used saves more energy than it takes for the light to start up. 
* Support solar power projects for schools, homes and offices. 
* Install solar air conditioning.
* Join our #polarbearchallenge to showcase how you have been working towards being more sustainable.

Let’s protect our planet together!



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