Ambassador Application

Since the Summer of 2020, 10-15 Ambassadors have been engaged with Sustainable mPact. The Ambassadors have engaged in different areas of sustainability and in different parts of the company’s activities. 

Given the fact that the Sustainable mPactonline Platform for sustainability (SmPP) is growing as more individuals, NGOs, artists, groups and companies join the platform, we are now recruiting more Sustainable mPact Ambassadors. 

Please note that being an Ambassador is a voluntary position, meaning no salary will be paid, but if you’re interested in sustainability, in making a difference in the world, engage with an entity which is all about purpose, if you want to learn a lot, improve your skills and grow your sustainability network, we believe there will be many other values coming with this position.

Being a Sustainable mPact™ Ambassador will be valuable and beneficial for you, your future career, for the world and future generations in many different ways. Below we have listed some benefits and skills you will gain from being an  SmP Ambassador:

  • Get access to our large, global business network, with a strong focus on green and blue businesses
  • Be part of a global sustainability organisation – will be valuable for you in different ways, incl. to have a context / platform for your sustainability efforts
  • Follow hands-on experience in business development from an experienced management team
  • Grow your personal, international network in the field of executives, business leaders and sustainability professionals
  • Work together with our Communication Team, Ambassadors and Collaborators around the world
  • Be part of a cutting edge company, that is all about purpose. SmP is one of the first online platforms for sustainability – we’re in a rapid growth phase, we have proof of concept, large interest from around the world, etc. 

There are different ways of being an Ambassador with us at SmP. The type of Ambassador category that might be interesting to you depends on your own drive, passion, skill set and ambition. 

Please read more about our different Ambassador categories below:

  • On the Ground Ambassador
  • Digital Ambassador
  • Internal Ambassador
  • Cultural Ambassador

On the Ground Ambassador

You drive On the Ground Projects but want to promote and story tell about it on the Sustainable mPact™ online community. Projects will then be communicated, amplified and promoted digitally, globally and some projects may be further promoted by our Communication Team.

Important abilities: To be able to see the content and the good story in your project and to be able to transform it to digital content. Example: if you run a project (for example reforestation, cleaning up beaches, etc.) you will create digital content about your project, interview stakeholders, etc. and share that material with our online community and the world. Potentially you may team up with a Digital Ambassador for synergies, amplification. We also expect you to take action for sustainability in your local / regional area, to strengthen and grow your local sustainability network and to be a link between your local context and the world, and vice versa. 

Digital Ambassador

As a Digital Ambassador you want to drive change through social media. You are a keen user of different social media channels, and maybe you are hosting groups already. You are consciously expanding your digital network and footprint. The fact that you are passionate about sustainability in different dimensions goes without saying.

As a Digital Ambassador with us you spend a lot of time on our community in order to spark discussions and drive increased activity levels among our members. If you are extra passionate about a specific SDG you might want to focus on that and make sure there is always interesting dialogues going on around that SDG. 

Internal Ambassador

If you you believe that your drive and ambition come more to use in organisational work, we suggest you apply to become an Internal SmP Ambassador. In this role you work closer with the management team on internal activities as needed to move us towards our aggressive goals. However, as an Internal Ambassador you need a more specific skill set. At the moment we are looking for Ambassadors in the following areas:

  • Communication Ambassador Positions 
    • Copywriter (Digital content writer, Creative SoMe writer) 
    • SoMe Specialist
    • Communication Assistant
  • Tech Ambassador Positions
    • WP developer 
    • Information security 
  • Other Ambassador Positions
    • Digital Graphic Design
    • Event Coordinator (mainly Digital Events for the time being)
    • Content Producer 
    • PRMedia relations

Cultural Ambassador

As a Cultural Ambassador you have a passion for both Sustainability and any Cultural expression. It might be Music, Art, Theatre, Poetry, Photography, etc. etc.. A Cultural expression can take a variety of forms, it is probably only  imagination setting the borders. You may or may not express culture yourself – you don’t have to be an artist or so. If you are an artist with a passion for sustainability who wants to become an SmP Cultural Ambassador, you are most welcome to apply, but if you are passionate about Sustainability and Culture but you’re not an artist yourself but you think that you have other relevant ways to stimulate Sustainability action via Culture, you are most welcome to apply (maybe you write about Culture linked to Sustainability, etc.) Like us, you believe that culture can be a powerful driver for change. You are probably already engaged but want to grow the impact of your efforts. With us you will find a very engaged group of people with a vast network who would like to engage with you to increase the impact of your engagement.