Community Manager

Vacant Position – Community Manager

Invitation to apply to become the Community Manager of the Sustainable mPact™ online community for sustainability.

Information about the Community Manager position.

Given the fact that the Sustainable mPact™ online Platform for sustainability (SmPP) is growing as more individuals, NGOs, artists, groups and companies join the platform, and also given our outspoken goal to grow the platform to create more sustainability action, we are now recruiting a Community Manager for our platform. Please note that as of now, this is a voluntary position, meaning no salary will be paid, but if you’re interested in sustainability, in making a difference, want to learn a lot, improve your skills and grow your sustainability network, we believe there could be many other values coming with this position.

Community Manager Tasks.
  • Be an active facilitator on the SmPP multiple times per day to drive conversation and engage with the SmPP members.
  • Manage / handle a pre-written Q&A section – so that an even tone is provided on SmPP.
  • Communicate with the SmP Communication Team and Ambassadors & coordinate Ambassadors’ preferred SDG work.
  • Work with data and data analytics – provide statistics on what posts did well and what we can improve on (just two sentences of feedback in every report).
  • Provide interesting / relevant information / knowledge on preferred SDGs / SmPP SDG wheel, add / drive SDG content.
  • Post content to spark dialogues on SmPP.
  • Send welcome notes to new members.
  • Continuously research and make relevant sustainability events available through the SmPP Event section. To always have a large list of upcoming sustainability events listed in our Event section.
Qualifications and Previous Experience.
  • Have a passion for sustainability and for creating a better world.
  • Previous experience from working as WordPress Admin role required – understanding WordPress Admin (to be able to remove inappropriate content, etc.).
  • Be knowledgeable in utilizing social media platforms.
  • High level of digital skills.
  • Highly skilled in communication
  • Be acquainted with and interested in data and data analytics.
  • Be a team player – happy vibes only.
Benefits and value that the Community Manager position will provide.
  • Get access to our large, global business network, with a strong focus on green and blue businesses
  • Get hands-on experience in business development from an experienced management team
  • Grow your personal, international network in the field of executives, business leaders, and sustainability professionals
  • Work together with our Comms Team, Ambassadors, and Collaborators around the world
  • Be part of a special, very purpose driven company, being one of the first online platforms for sustainability – we’re in a rapid growth phase, we have proof of concept, large interest from around the world, etc.
  • Be involved in Business with Purpose
  • Develop your knowledge and experience as a Community Manager