Sustainable Soundtracks™

Sustainable Soundtracks™, a division of Sustainable mPact™, is our creative arm, using music and other artforms as powerful communication tools to raise awareness and stimulate action in the field of sustainability. 

Previous Releases and Campaigns

In November 2018, Sustainable Soundtracks™ released its first song and music video, called “We Don’t Have Time”, as a request by climate organisation We Don’t Have Time.

Statistics from the release of ”We Don’t Have Time” (April 2020): 

  • Spotify: 91,000 streams.
  • Music video YouTube views: 19,000.
  • Song/music video played at 10-20 climate events globally per week during Winter/Spring 2019.
  • Video features world famous Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.
  • Created significant reach, effect and awareness in many parts of the world.
  • Picked up by US radio, spreading across the US Spring 2019.
  • Cover version made in Nigeria Spring 2019, spreading across Africa and the world during the Summer 2019. YouTube views: 31,000. 

Summary engagement: > 100,000 individuals, with very limited marketing. Many more individuals were reached by the release. 


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