SmP Business Services – We’re taking company sustainability work to a whole new level.

Sustainable mPact™ offers a wide range of company sustainability services. 

One unique feature of our offer is the Sustainable mPact™ Employee Engagement and Motivation Program (SEEMP) – a new unique Employee Engagement and Motivation model to radically improve your company’s sustainability work – a model that does not exist anywhere else. 

Key SEEMP features:

  • integration with the Sustainable mPact™ online community for sustainability
  • dramatic increase in your employees’ engagement and motivation in your company’s sustainability work


Positive results for your company:

  • better implementation and effect of your company’s sustainability work throughout the whole organization
  • increased brand value
  • increased shareholder value


To learn more about our different company offers, please visit our B2B Customer Subscription Packages, our Partner Packages, and Our Unique Features (SEEMP, Culture) below.