Engage in SmP Ambassador Aristide Djossou’s Project!

Aristide Djossou from Benin is leading a reforestation project focused on Biodiversity and Climate Change. 

Having been a Sustainable mPact™ Ambassador since the Summer of 2020, Aristide has many times generously shared his insights and experiences from leading this project with other people in the SmP network. 

We are now delighted and excited to announce that Sustainable mPact™ will support and promote Aristide’s project. More information will follow but for now we invite you to join Aristide’s discussion forum on the Sustainable mPact™ online community for sustainability to see the start of his new project, engage, learn more, ask questions to Aristide and his team and show your support for his important project.

Welcome to join Aristide’s group here: 


Global Green Business Awards

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Join us for the Social Art Awards SDG Workshop!


We’re participating in this interesting SDG Workshop April 9. You are most welcome to join us!

SDG Workshop: 9 April 2021

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Sustainable Household Cleaning Products

By making your own cleaning products you can lower your grocery budget, control what substance are in your products but most importantly lessen the impact on the environment. JOIN US at to learn more and become a part of the movement!


No Effort Is Too Small

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Join our sustainability photo exhibition!



Sanghamitra C. Mukherjee and Sustainable mPact™ are delighted to invite you to

What Does Sustainability Mean To You? – An Online Photo Exhibition About Sustainability.

We are inviting you to submit your photo (your own creation) that closely represents what sustainability means to you. The exhibition is open to anyone; regardless of you whether you just saw something on your way to work or school, etc. that made you think about sustainability and took a picture of it with your cell phone, or if you have taken more advanced photos or if you are a professional photographer, etc. The exhibition is open for anyone to join.

Our only requirement is that there is a clear link to sustainability (or lack of sustainability or any other interpretation you make of the relationship between the image and sustainability).

Submissions are being accepted until March 14.

Please upload your submission together will any short additional information about your photo and yourself that you want to share to the photo exhibition forum on the Sustainable mPact™ online community for sustainability:

All submissions will be presented in a special online photo gallery for one week at the end of March. The exhibition will be promoted through multiple channels.

You will maintain full copyright to your photos.

To learn more, recieve updates and information about the exhibition project, interact with the public and with other submittors, make comments, to upload your submissions and to follow this project, please join the photo exhibition forum, link above.  

We’re looking forward to receiving your submission and for you to show us:

What Does Sustainability Mean to You?


Global SDGs Women Ambassador Award

Please submit your nomination on the Ambassadors of Sustainability forum on the Sustainable mPact™ online community for sustainability – use this link:

In this forum you can also make comments, receive updates about the awards, interact with others, etc.

We’re looking forward to receiving your nomination.


Thank You 500 Members

We want to thank all 500 members of our online community for sustainability; this post is for YOU!
YOU are what makes our community great.
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Invitation to the Launch Event of the Nominees of the Youth Ecologists Africa – Europe Awards, Feb. 21.


In collaboration with the Ecological Organizations’ Youth Council, Sustainable mPact™ is proud to host the Launch Event of the Nominees for the Youth Ecologists Africa – Europe Awards.

The event will be coordinated from the Sustainable mPact™ online community for sustainability on February 21. 

To register for the event, please register to become a member of the event forum: 

Also, please fill out this form when registering:

Further information will be posted here and on the event forum  on the Sustainable mPact™ platform, please see link above. 

This information will be updated prior to the event.

For further information, please see below.

Welcome to this interesting event!

/Sustainable mPact™ & the Ecological Organizations’ Youth Council. 

Dear Esteemed Guests, 

We cordially invite you to Agora’s first event, the Award List of Youth Ecologists Africa-Europe, which will take place on the Sustainable mPact™ online community for sustainability on the 21st of February.

This event will be an exciting opportunity for you to discover the 12 volunteers who will be part of the TaskForce and will represent the Ecological Organizations Council Europe Africa for Youths’s projects. The event presents an opportunity for you to listen to renowned guest speakers from the European and African institutions and provides a platform for you to network with various associations striving towards a positive ecological transition and the protection of our planet!


The event will take place over an entire day and will be organized into several highlights:

10h-12h (GMT+1) : Round Table Debate between the institutions and the Task Force

14h-16h (GMT+1) : Talk Show Presentation of Association

16h-18h (GMT+1) : Round Table Debate between all the members of the Task Force

18h-20h (GMT+1) : Talk Show Presentation of Association 


To register for the event please request to become a member of this online group on the Sustainable mPact™ community platform (you will need to register on the platform and then request to become a member of this group) 


Tutorials on how to register and use the Sustainable mPact™ platform can be found here: 


Please make sure to fill this form in order to register for the event :


We’re looking forward to seeing you on Feb. 21!


The AGORA of the Ecological Organizations of Europe and Africa, entitled “Ecological Organizations Council Europe Africa for Youths”, is a Council that aims to bring together civil ecological associations and organizations. Thus, the Ecological Organizations Council Africa Europe for Youths is not a new association, but the place where ecological associations discuss and plan together in order to impact the ecological transition and help each other according to the fields of competence of each association while within their limits between the technical, social and mobility costs. The space of solidarity offered by the Council is also a framework for the visibility of associative actions and institutional programs for the environment while encouraging their participation and a strengthening of inter-associative relations.


THANK YOU & Happy New Year!!