Welcome to the first version of our Sustainability Community!

……and…..we’re live!!!! Sorta :-),  I think. But we decided to go live
on the 50th anniversary or Earth Day, and we did! 🙂

We’re fixing a lot of things today as well, but for all of you who happened to just arrive here before we’ve officially launched; WELCOME! We hope you’ll like it here. With this community, we want to create an online meeting place for all of us who are in to sustainability.

As you’ll notice, we just got born, so please don’t expect us to run, play guitar, make jokes, study mathematics, etc. as grown-ups do. We’re just a baby, we know, so don’t be too hard on us, but please tell us what we can do differently so that we can improve and become better at everything :-). But we’re aiming to develop very quickly, to be able to contribute to meeting and overcome the big sustainability challenges that we’re all facing.

Most of all, we hope to inspire action and that we can co-create this community. We want to provide the platform, and then we do this together, and create a more sustainable world.

We hope you’ll like it here. Please let us know if there’s anything you think think should be changed or improved.

Again, this is about co-creation, and again, Welcome!!



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