Our Values

We Are One

As a team we encourage and support each other in creating a more sustainable world for the generations to come.
We’re on this great, shared adventure together with people all around the world, engaged in solving the climate crisis and other sustainability challenges.

We truly believe in people’s power and good will and that we all can make a difference in making peace with earth.
So, let’s have fun and respect each other for who we are. We can fix this!

Facts Are Everything

We strongly believe in scientific assessments on climate change and other sustainability areas, which include potential future risks, as well as adaptation and mitigation options.

It’s of utmost importance that our sources are reliable, due to the fact that the origin of climate change is a contentious topic. In order to guarantee objectivity and transparency, we are keen about identifying where there is agreement in the scientific community on topics related to climate change.

Passion. Integrity. Love.

With passion we strive for embracing our obligation to co-create a world where each of us and our planet can flourish.

With integrity as a fundamental principle, we can create a culture of ethics and legal compliance. When it comes to our external partnerships, we ensure that the company or organization we partner with is driven by integrity, long-term value creation, and ultimate sustainability.

Through conscious habits we show love to our planet and practise what we preach. Even small changes, like dress more consciously, give up single plastic, eat seasonal & local produce, reduce meat intake, reduce energy consumption, etc., make a difference.

Keep It Simple

We try not to over-analyse, or complicate things with bureaucracy or hierarchy. Instead we have adapted an agile work process that keeps things simple.

We therefore have faith in bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. It’s about working within guidelines, but without boundaries.