Brand Manifesto

We Are One

We are all on this planet together and we were born to make this world a better place. Acting on climate change is now in our own hands. We are on the brink of dangerous climate tipping points and only have a decade to act. Don’t wait for the world to change. Change it yourself. We can start right here.

We are well-aware of that slowing down global warming is a huge challenge, but at the same time we are convinced it can be brought in line. If we as individuals, governments and businesses work together. Alone we can do little. Together so much.

We all breathe the same air.

How can we make a threat as abstract as climate change compete with more concrete outcomes as cash, time and comfort? One way is to reimagine climate itself as the living air that surrounds us, the amazingly thin skin that protects life on Earth. It may look infinite when we look upwards, but the height of breathable air is only about 10 kilometers. Inside this fragile skin we are closely connected to all life on Earth. Science says more than 99 out of 100 of our breaths contain molecules from people anywhere in the world, from any time period. The same air that future generations will breathe.

Hope and action are our guiding principles.

We don’t believe in scary climate communication. In doom overuse and collapse porn. In denial and distancing ourselves from climate change. As if it’s not here. It’s not happening now. There is nothing I can do. It only makes us fearful and in a state of apocalypse fatigue.

We believe in friendly, positive climate communication, making climate feel more personal and urgent by bringing it home. We can achieve this by spreading social norms that are positive to solutions. If I believe my friends and neighbours will do something good for the climate, then I will too.

We believe in spreading both what’s good for you and positive for the climate. In nudging, in making climate friendly behaviour default and convenient. In reframing sustainable development as being about new tech opportunities, safety and about creating new jobs.

We believe that hope is built on storytelling. Why? Because our brain loves inspiring stories of where we all want to go, built on a dream where we live in harmony with the Earth.

We believe that climate action starts with gathering people with shared values – climate heroes – who are considered to be making real change happen. Where we together create a culture of hope around sustainability.

We have identified a growing need for a sustainability community and have therefore founded Sustainable mPact. A worldwide hub for the constantly growing sustainability movement. A community for actionists, where we enable people to share hopes, dreams, fears, opinions, ideas, values and solutions.

We are facing a vital decade. Join the movement. Now!

Let’s end with a quote from 1967 by Bob Dylan, frighteningly up-to-date.

So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late (taken from All Along the Watchtower).